How To Choose A Fragrance That Suits You

How To Choose A Fragrance That Suits You

There are so many different fragrances to choose from. Even with us at FM World, we have a choice of over 100 different fragrances for you to enjoy from. So, how to choose a fragrance that suits you is a question we are always asking. Something that smells amazing on a friend might not hit the right spot for you. So, how to choose a fragrance that suits you? Well, read on and we’ll answer that question for you.

The Chemistry Of Great Smells

Chemistry is a major factor in how a fragrance smells when it’s on your skin. Let’s look at some of the basics –

  • The temperature of your skin affects how the fragrance radiates
  • The Moisture level in the skin affects the way the fragrance is absorbed
  • Skin condition affects how the fragrance lifts into the air

So, you will find winter and summer fragrances because we know that temperature changes the way a fragrance lasts and smells. And you will find that a fragrance lasts longer if you apply when you have got out of the shower and dried off. The moisture in the skin helps the fragrance stay with you for longer.

Some of the rules of wearing fragrance come through with this – don’t apply to your clothes. It’s the skin that reacts to the fragrance and gives it a life of its own.

Fragrance Notes Are Important

When looking for the answer to the question ‘How To Choose A Fragrance That Suits You?’ then you should consider the notes that go with a fragrance. These are spilt into 3 categories –

  1. Head Notes which are the ones that you first smell as it comes out of the bottle.
  2. Middle Notes which you can smell when the head notes start to fade. You will notice these within a minute or two and they develop over time.
  3. Base Notes which are the ones that you can smell hours later. A good quality base note will allow the fragrance to last for hours.

Understanding a little about these notes will help you to select the fragrance that works best for you. And after that, you can start to find the notes that work best with your skin.+

How To Choose A Fragrance That Suits You


Your Skin And Your Fragrance

The next part of this blog is a guide only. Every skin is different and will react in different ways. But we can broadly look at skin types and fragrance choices.

Oily skin retains the smell of a fragrance for longer, so this means lighter fragrances work really well. But if you like the stronger, muskier smells then use these – but put on far less than you would with a lighter fragrance in case it overpowers.

Dry skin needs a stronger fragrance because it doesn’t ‘stick’ to the skin as well. This means that woody fragrances, musky fragrances and the heavier floral fragrances work well. Lighter scents might just disappear on your skin.

Body Temperature is another major factor. If you are generally a cold person (you feel cold when others are taking the layers off) then you might need a stringer temperature because you don’t radiate the smell. When thinking about how to choose a fragrance that suits you, the way your body operates makes a big difference.

How To Choose A Fragrance That Suits You

Our advice is to think about the things above before you make a decision. Buying a fragrance because you like the advert or because it smells good on a friend probably isn’t the best decision. Your unique body chemistry will make a big difference in terms of how you wear a fragrance. So do a bit of research before you buy.

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