How To Talk Fragrance With Your Customers

If you’re in the fragrance business, then one of the most important conversations you will have with your customers is one about ‘buying.’ Of course, you want people to buy from you. Whether you’re in a face-to-face business or you communicate via social media, there are some great ways to spark conversations that can end up in a sale. let’s take a look at some of the best ideas here –

Fragrance Of The Week

Having a fragrance of the week (sticking to it for a week, changing the fragrance a week later and being consistent with the process) means that your customers can be exposed to new fragrances. So, start the week with the announcement of the new fragrance. People will start to know that every Monday (or whatever day you chose) is the day when the new fragrance is announced. Excitement will build up.

Then back that up with some information about the fragrance. Use it yourself that week – and let people know your experience with it. If you’ve had compliments wearing it then this social proof helps others want to find out more. If you have samples, then offer people the chance to buy one. This small purchase will help them to know what it smells like. And they can get involved in your social media too – letting others know their own experience using your hand-selected fragrance of the week.

Talk Similarities

People often have a favourite fragrance. They will go back to that same fragrance time and time again. But people also want a change every now and again. This is where you loom at things like the fragrance wheel (below) and comparison lists to recommend something similar.

fragrance wheel

People love to find out something new. And that’s part of the service you offer. Rather than buy online and hope for the best, they get you as their personal guide through the hundreds (if not thousands) of fragrances to choose from. This is your USP, so use it.

Gift Finding Service

And another way to really stand out from the crowd is to offer to help people find a gift for their loved ones. This comes into its own at certain times of the year –

  • Christmas
  • Mother’s Day
  • Father’s Day
  • Valentine’s

But it needn’t be something that you only roll out a few times a year. People need help getting a present for wedding anniversaries, birthday and many other events. This means that your help can take the stress out of finding a present. Some people really don’t like this – and they’re looking for someone that can deal with all of this on their behalf.

That’s you!!

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