Why Does Fragrance Smell Different Over Time?

Why Does Fragrance Smell Different Over Time?

You spray on a fragrance and love it. The smells suit you down to the ground. Then you check it out half an hour later and it smells very different. You’re disappointed. What happened to the smell? Why does fragrance smell different over time?

We ask a load of questions related to this –

  • Does my smell affect the fragrance? (answer = yes)
  • Is it cheap and wears off (answer = depends on the fragrance you buy)
  • Can I do anything about it? (answer = yes!)

If you wear fragrance on a regular basis, then you will want to know what this is all about. let’s take a look at the facts here, as we explore the question – why does fragrance smell different over time?

Why Does Fragrance Smell Different Over Time?

What Are Fragrance Notes?

This is the first step to understanding what it is all about. Fragrance notes are the things that bring the smell to you. And, as you’d expect, different notes last different amounts of time. Think of this as similar to a pyramid, with a small top, getting larger until it reaches a wide base. These are the notes.

And they go like this –

  • Top Notes are the lighter smells that first hit the nose when you apply a fragrance. These are often the citrus smells and light fruity or floral smells. The nose picks these up straight away. But they only linger on the skin for a short period of time. Within the first few hours, they have disappeared. Sometimes they only last 15 minutes or so. Then they give way to…
  • Mid Notes or Medium Notes which take over when the top notes disappear. They take a little longer to develop and come in over the first few hours of the fragrance being sprayed on the skin. They are also known as heart notes and consist of heavier floral scents and earthy aromas such as grass. You can also detect spicy notes here. And then we come to…
  • Base Notes that last up to ten hours on the skin. A few hours into the day, you will notice these base notes; before that you won’t have spotted them. It’s as the fragrance develops you will feel like it changes smell. It actually doesn’t – the depth comes out. These can be aromas such as sandalwood, vetiver, leather and musk.

Why Does Fragrance Smell Different Over Time?

The way a fragrance develops is part of the magic. The amount of time these smells last depends on the quality of the fragrance. You can find get each note to last longer if you have EDP instead of EDT.

Fragrance develops over time, but you have to allow it. Spray a little on the heat spots of the body and you will find that it lasts longer, spreading the smell effectively. Don’t be tempted to rub your wrists together with one spray of your favourite after shave or perfume. It breaks down the fragrance and makes it last a shorter period of time.

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